And More Awards!!

A few days ago I was awarded not one but two awards in a day. How often does that happen? Of course I was over the moon!! So far it has been a fun journey writing this blog but most importantly I am learning a lot. There hardly goes by a week where I am not inspired by another blog.

I want to thank Cathy for her generous nominations. Please do check out her blog where she talks about life, her hobbies and her family. She is also writes the blog as a way to remember her family such as her grandparents, parents etc which I think is beautiful!


So here goes seven random things about me:

  1. Let’s start with the bad first. I am addicted to coffee and chocolate and have to have them daily. Only dark chocolate though you can’t tempt me with milk chocolate.
  2. I have to admit I have tried to learn Photoshop in the last few days and unsuccessfully. Is it just me or is this thing super complicated??
  3. Houston is the fifteenth city that I am living in. Unfortunately I have moved houses a lot more than fifteen times.
  4. I love practicing yoga. It’s my favorite form of workout.
  5. Someday I’d like to be a certified yoga teacher.
  6. I love collecting coffee table books.
  7. I have a soft spot for black and white photos. Somehow they seem a lot more expressive than color photos.

Here are a few blogs that I have enjoyed in the last few days:

Zen and Genki Anne writes a very inspiring and creative blog where she talks about wellness, spirituality, cooking and a multitude of other things.

The Terrible Artist Kris is very creative and trying to make his mark with some gorgeous photos and inspiring poems.

Frankoshanko Frank has a truly inspiring blog and he is not afraid to tackle some serious questions on life, fulfillment, happiness etc.

Recently came across this one 366 photos. Shirsha has recently started taking photos and is very talented.

Here are the rules for the the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award:

(1) thank the blogger who nominated you (2) include the links to their blogs, (3) include the award image in your post, (4) copy the award image to your site, (5) give seven random facts about yourself, (6) nominate 15 other bloggers for the award, (7)  when nominating other bloggers include the links to their sites, and (7) let those bloggers know they’ve been nominated!

Thank you y’all for all the love 🙂


9 thoughts on “And More Awards!!

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  2. Hi Bullu,
    Thank you dropping by the Retirement Cafe and liking my post. Your photographs are beautiful. I too am a tortured Photoshop novice and yes it is super complicated. I’ve only lived in 4 cities, but have lived at over 25 addresses. one of them was an old converted bus of no fixed abode.
    Congrats on your awards – fantastic.

    • Thank you so much for all your kind comments. I think I have given up on Photoshop :). I am not sure if you have used Lightroom but it has a much easier interface.
      Wow, what an adventure to have lived on an old converted bus. You should blog about it sometime 🙂

      Congrats on your grandchild!!

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