Hermann Park Houston

Can I just say that I am happy it almost the weekend. It’s been hectic in my neck of  the woods lately. I am looking forward to the weekend especially because Houston is hosting the 25th Annual Art Car Parade this saturday. This would be my first time and you bet there will be lots of photos!! What about you any fun plans this weekend?

Last week we managed to take an hour or two to go visit the Hermann park. Located in the heart of Houston, the 445 acre park boasts of a zoo, an outdoor theater, a golf course, Museum of Natural Science, a lake and tons of great walking trails. There is something for everyone. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera but I took some pictures from my phone.

The children were having so much fun at the water fountains. Carefree, fearless, full of life and enjoying each minute of the fun.

I love this little guy, posing for his parents!!

I love this little guy, posing for his parents!!

Ai WeiWei Exhibition – Zodiac Heads

The best part though was seeing a family of beavers swimming in the lake. I hadn’t seen a beaver before and to see it swimming was a bonus. In fact I must confess that I did not even know that they were such good swimmers. I know that they are known for their dam building capabilities but I just hadn’t put two and two together. And yes I still do call myself a Canadian!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


16 thoughts on “Hermann Park Houston

  1. I’ve never seen a beaver in real life either, so it’s fun to see your real life one. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    • Hi Sean, Thank you so much for the correction. As you can tell I am not greatly experienced in this area. Other people around me in the park also seemed to refer to this animal as beaver..oops 🙂
      Thanks for the visit and much appreciate your inputs!!

  2. While walking by the lake in Hermann Park today we saw the coypu too. Made for a great end to our park outing. They are so graceful in the water, they reminded me of otters. We also thought the coypu were beavers until I came home and did some googling.

    • Hi Scott, thanks for stopping by. Absolutely, it was mesmerizing to see the coypu in the water. I had no idea about the subtle difference between a otter and a copyu and a beaver infact I am still not sure that if I saw one again whether I would be able to distinguish them apart. I am just happy to have had the opportunity to see them. Hermann Park has become one of my favorite destinations in Houston!

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