Letna Park Prague

In a city where you feel as if you are walking within a history book, Letna Park (Letenske Sady) is Prague’s best kept secret. Away from the tourist mobs this is the best place to get good views of the ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ and actually have time to click a few photos without having 100 other people within your frame.

Located on an embankment overlooking the meandering Vltava, Letna Park is an interesting and relaxing place to spend your leisure time. The park is dominated by a giant (75 foot tall) working metronome which was erected in 1991, a symbolic reminder of passing of time. The metronome was designed by international artist David Cerny after this spot was left vacant when the Stalin statue (largest in the world) was destroyed in 1962. The only remaining pieces of the Stalin monument are the large slabs now hosting the metronome.

To the right of the metronome is the Hanaysky Pavilion, a cute little neo Baroque cast iron structure built for the Jubilee World Exhibition in 1891, where you can now have a fancy piece of cake and a tasty cappuccino while gazing below at the city of Prague and all of her bridges. Letna Park also boasts a laid-back beer garden (only in summer), the Letna mansion which houses fine dining establishment Belcredi, and the oldest functioning European carousel. Michael Jackson kicked off his HIstory World tour at the park on September 7, 1996, approximately 127,000 people attended the concert.

The area behind the metronome is also a famous skatesspot where skateboarders from Europe and around the world can be seen showing off their skills. Both I and my husband rated this as a top Prague attraction and if you happen to be in Prague or planning a trip there then this is a must see!!

City of A Hundred Spires

Prague Metronome
Bridges of Prague

10 thoughts on “Letna Park Prague

  1. Great post! I’ve been to Prague only once and it was a study tour so wasn’t able to do real sightseeing. Your post makes me want to return now. 😉

  2. I specially like the image of the city scape, the guy on rollers and the bridges of prague, excellent tone, that dreamy quality that makes you feel you’ve been there.. after reading this i feel one day i have to visit prague, the ancient-ness, the pride in the city is all amazing and attractive.. ve to be there to understand it i guess..

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