‘Mum’ is the word!

Spring is in the air. The days are getting longer, you feel like working out again, eating ice cream, barbecues, making plans for the summer and all things bright and cheerful!! Goodbye bulky winter jackets and snow boots and HELLO flip-flops boy am I excited to see you guys again!

Though for us, it also means house hunting. We have finally decided to upgrade from my husband’s one bedroom bachelor pad to a proper grown up’s apartment and hopefully a living room sans the miniature cars. I am excited and yet this whole process is a bit stressful, looking up the apartments online, visiting them, finding the perfect neighborhood, the most pragmatic layout etc. Gosh so many decisions and we have to agree on most of them!

In all this chaos, I came across these beautiful and serene white and green ‘mum’ flowers. Mums are commonly used name for the flowering chrysanthemum plant. White, yellow or pale blooms are usually used to symbolize hope and truth. I believe we can all do with some hope this year so here’s hoping and wishing all my readers a wonderful year ahead full of love and happiness!!


15 thoughts on “‘Mum’ is the word!

  1. Best of luck with your house hunting, it is quite a stressful business but it will be wonderful when you find somewhere you can make into your own lovely home. I love crysanthemums and, oddly enough, they remind me of my mum who loves the smell of them.

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