Tel Aviv, Israel

Ever since I read the book ‘Exodus’ back in 2003, I have been intrigued by the Jewish history and have wanted to visit Israel. Some eight years later that chance came rather unexpectedly, my husband was offered a short work project in Israel and since I am currently not working, I was free to travel with him.

We barely had ten days to get our visas, pack, buy tickets, make travel plans etc. We had been looking forward to a quiet holiday season with no travels and here all of a sudden our lives were a frenzy of excited activity.

Gordon Beach

One of the best discovery and surprise were the white sandy beaches of Tel Aviv. When you normally think of the Mediterranean you don’t exactly picture Tel Aviv, but the beaches are well worth a visit. Have to warn you though lots of over tanned, middle-aged men in tiny speedos!!

A few of my recommendations and observations:

  1. Don’t miss the unique Bauhaus architecture, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. You can take a walking tour by Bauhaus Centre.
  2. With a population average age of 34, the city has a really energetic vibe to it. Most restaurants are open until 2 in the night on weekends and I would advise you to reserve a table ahead. Two of my favorite digs Shila, a quaint little, cozy restaurant with innovative menu and Abu Hasan, Ha’Dolfin St., the best humus in town. Be prepared to get there for an early lunch or breakfast because this place closes around 2 pm or when the humus finishes More Info.
  3. Israeli bank notes have brail on them so the blind can identify them. How cool is that!!

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